New ‘Bloods, Side A’ EP Announced / ‘Gardener in a War’ Single Out Now

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Ryan A. James (aka Man Without Country) returns with the nostalgia-tinged Bloods, Side A – his new EP inspired by human relationships. Drawing influence from Com Truise and The Japanese House, lead single ‘Gardener in a War’ blends warped synthesizers and elastic bass-lines with fragile vocals and self-deprecating lyrics (“I was the Petri-dish for you. You’ll be a better man than me”).

Check out the ‘Gardener in a War’ lyric visualizer on YouTube here.

Bloods, Side A is due July 16th on all platforms – pre-order digital or CD via Bandcamp here.


  1. Pilot
  2. Savannah
  3. Gardener in a War
  4. Our Silences
  5. Ultra-Nightmare
  6. Gardener in a War – Edit
  7. Ultra-Nightmare – Edit

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